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Patient Lifts

Price: 843.80 € Brand: Joerns
The Hoyer HPL402 Power Lift is designed to meet the needs of the caregiver as well as the patient. The HPL402 is battery operated and features ergonomic handle grips to reduce back strain and a mechanical down-release lever for non-powered lowering. ..
Price: 1579.98 € Brand: Tollos
he Ultralift 3510XH Mobile Electric Patient Lift combines technology with durable construction to create a safe and easy to use patient lift. A lifting range of 10" off the ground to 90.5" allows for patient transfer to any location, even from the floor to a high bed. ..
Price: 1758.99 € Brand: R82
The Molift Smart 150 Patient Lift is an amazingly capable, compact patient lift that can perform almost any patient movement or transfer tasks in even the most restricted areas. The lifting height is generous enough to simplify any lifting task, even lifting from the floor. ..
Price: 2907.00 € Brand: Human Care
The Human Care FL320 Mobile Floor Lift with Powered Base is a strong, reliable patient lift designed to be used in a wide variety of lifting applications, supporting users weighing up to 700 pounds with ease...
Price: 2950.10 € Brand: Joerns
The Hoyer Presence lift has been designed to handle almost any patient-handling task. Included is Smart Monitor technology that displays lifting activity as well as reminds you to recommended service.  ..
Price: 3015.96 € Brand: Tollos
The Ultralift 3000 Patient Lift comes standard with a power base widening system that allows the caregivers to assist the patient with just the push of a button. This helps prevent causing strain to the caregiver. The boom of the Ultralift 3000 Patient Lift raises to a maximum lifting height of ..
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