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Power Wheelchairs

Price: 338.56 € Brand: Karman Healthcare
The S-Ergo Ultra Lightweight Ergonomic Wheelchair is designed to cradle patients in comfort while reducing risk of pressure sores, relieving pressure, dispersing weight evenly and improving stability. Supporting up to two hundred and fifty pounds, the S-Ergo Ultra Lightweight Ergonomic Wheelchai..
Price: 379.42 € Brand: Drive Medical
The Cougar Wheelchair is an ultra lightweight wheelchair, weighing less than twenty-seven pounds which makes it easy to transport. The lightweight wheelchair is constructed of durable aluminum and semi-pneumatic tires. The Cougar Wheelchair is made with quick release rear wheels and two swing aw..
Price: 392.11 € Brand: Karman Healthcare
Ergonomic wheelchairs are designed to perfectly fit the body in order to relieve and prevent pressure ulcers. The Top End Lightweight Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair features an ergonomic frame with twenty-four inch quick release rear wheels, flip-back and height adjustable armrests, adjustable seat..
Price: 857.40 € Brand: Karman Healthcare
The S-Ergo ATX Wheelchair from Karman Healthcare is a sleek wheelchair with an ultra lightweight but strong aluminum design. Adjustments to seat height, back cane height and angle, front fork, and more make the ATX highly customizable to fit user preference. The S-shape frame and cushion create ..
Price: 943.67 € Brand: Rowheels
The Rowheels Revolution 1.0 Wheelchair features an innovative, patented design with the hand rims not directly connected to the wheels, allowing users to pull on the hand rims in a rowing motion rather than pushing; this movement is more natural to the arms and shoulders than pushing and can act..
Price: 1118.01 € Brand: EWheels
The EW-M48 Power Wheelchair is the peak in wheelchair mobility sporting an ultra-comfortable captain's chair to sit in perfect for individuals with lower mobility who still need to get places. A 14.2-mile range will offer plenty of distance to tackle any busy schedule and a top speed of 4.2 mile..
Price: 1129.91 € Brand: EWheels
The EW-M43 Folding Power Wheelchair is the ideal joy-stick controlled transportation vehicle for people with limited ability who still yearn to get out and explore the world. Built on a sturdy aluminum frame, this wheelchair is one of the lightest on the market and provides 9.7 miles of range, y..
Price: 1189.41 € Brand: Drive Medical
The Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Drive Powerchair from Drive Medical combines a sturdy durable construction with an adjustable design for a powerchair that is as powerful as it is comfortable. The Powerchair is available in seven width and depth combinations to fit most user's body shapes and preferences..
Price: 1248.31 € Brand: JBH
The JBH D10 Portable Folding Electric Wheelchair is a small-framed wheelchair with a large seat and high weight limit to expand your mobility through life. The folding capability allows the user to easily transport their orange and black mobility device with ease in the back of a car or on a tra..
Price: 1356.01 € Brand: EWheels
The EW-M45 wheelchair aims to allow the user to be as mobile as possible and not be limited in their lifestyle. The wheelchair folds in half, allowing you to easily transport your chair without having to worry about vehicle lifts or disassembling your chair...
Price: 1397.66 € Brand: Drive Medical
Drive Trident Front-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs have a modern and clean look with a shroudless design, which makes accessing internal components and the batteries easier. This sleek design shows off the durable, ultra-strong metal frame...
Price: 1703.54 € Brand: EV Rider
The Vision Power Wheelchair from Heartway USA is a heavy-duty mobility device designed for users who are unable to engage in manual propulsion. Its seating assembly sits atop a stylish red base and can be elevated from 20 to 32 inches using the scissor lift mechanism. ..
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