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Price: 98.26 € Brand: Medline
Extra Wide Bariatric Rollator in Burgundy, with reinforced design to support higher weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. Loop-style brakes you push down to lock and pull up to release...
Price: 122.78 € Brand: Mobb Health Care
This heavy-duty aluminum rollator doesnt sacrifice durability in the interest of being lightweight, but instead balances both endeavors for a strong, long-lasting rollator that combines the convenience of a rolling walker with the assistance of a transport chair and provides a comfortable seatin..
Price: 132.95 € Brand: Karman Healthcare
The Extra Wide 24 lb. Bariatric Rollator is a heavy duty rollator that features a wide modelled frame. In addition, the bariatric rollator supports up to four hundred pounds. The steel frame of the Extra Wide 24 lb. Bariatric Rollator is built with sturdy and strong materials for a durable produ..
Price: 143.83 € Brand: Karman Healthcare
The Extra Wide 20 lb. Bariatric Rollator by Karman features a four hundred pound weight capacity. Made of aluminum, this bariatric rollator is super lightweight at just pounds. The Extra Wide 20 lb. Bariatric Rollator will easily fold, providing a convenient tool for storage or transport. ..
Price: 231.05 € Brand: Convaquip
The Model 82400 Bariatric Safety Roller is a 4-wheeled bariatric walker that helps to support users while moving around the house. This safety roller is crafted specifically for medically obese and overweight users with their mobility needs...
Price: 290.03 € Brand: Clarke Healthcare
The Dolomite Maxi+ Bariatric Walker is designed for the heavier, larger or taller user. The rolling walker's wide, 20.5 in frame provides more seat room and a large walking area, yet is only a modest 19 lbs. Dolomite has the strongest frames on the market; and the Maxi+ Bariatric Walker boasts a..
Price: 338.56 € Brand: Karman Healthcare
The S-Ergo Ultra Lightweight Ergonomic Wheelchair is designed to cradle patients in comfort while reducing risk of pressure sores, relieving pressure, dispersing weight evenly and improving stability. Supporting up to two hundred and fifty pounds, the S-Ergo Ultra Lightweight Ergonomic Wheelchai..
Price: 379.42 € Brand: Drive Medical
The Cougar Wheelchair is an ultra lightweight wheelchair, weighing less than twenty-seven pounds which makes it easy to transport. The lightweight wheelchair is constructed of durable aluminum and semi-pneumatic tires. The Cougar Wheelchair is made with quick release rear wheels and two swing aw..
Price: 392.11 € Brand: Karman Healthcare
Ergonomic wheelchairs are designed to perfectly fit the body in order to relieve and prevent pressure ulcers. The Top End Lightweight Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair features an ergonomic frame with twenty-four inch quick release rear wheels, flip-back and height adjustable armrests, adjustable seat..
Price: 478.93 € Brand: WELHUB
The EnerStride Titan Bariatric Rollator with Handbrakes is designed to stand up to heavier patients with a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds; though suited to bariatric patients, this rollator is also designed to accommodate athletic patients recovering from injury or surgery...
Price: 843.80 € Brand: Joerns
The Hoyer HPL402 Power Lift is designed to meet the needs of the caregiver as well as the patient. The HPL402 is battery operated and features ergonomic handle grips to reduce back strain and a mechanical down-release lever for non-powered lowering. ..
Price: 857.40 € Brand: Karman Healthcare
The S-Ergo ATX Wheelchair from Karman Healthcare is a sleek wheelchair with an ultra lightweight but strong aluminum design. Adjustments to seat height, back cane height and angle, front fork, and more make the ATX highly customizable to fit user preference. The S-shape frame and cushion create ..
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