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Benchtop Rotors

Price: 362.40 € Brand: Eppendorf™
Use this high-speed rotor for molecular applications in tubes from 0.2 to 85mL. Eppendorf™ Fixed Angle Rotors are compatible with centrifuges 5804, 5804 R, 5810 and 5810 R...
Price: 621.00 € Brand: Thermo Scientific™
Support micro-volume protocols, such as PCR reaction set-up with this 8 x 8 PCR centrifuge rotor, capable of spinning up to 14,800rpm/ 16,800 x g.  ..
Price: 648.00 € Brand: Thermo Scientific™
Perform high-speed separations at 15,200rpm using the Thermo Scientific™ Microliter 30 x 2mL Fixed-Angle Rotor...
Price: 732.60 € Brand: Eppendorf™
Medium capacity swing-bucket rotor with max. speed 4,800 × g (4,700 rpm); includes 4 × 750mL round buckets..
Price: 746.00 € Brand: Eppendorf™
High-speed rotors designed for a variety of applications in tubes from 5 to 50mL..
Price: 1407.00 € Brand: Thermo Scientific™
Enhance pelletization and reduce processing time in conical cell culture tubes with a unique 45° angle design by using the Thermo Scientific™ 6 × 50mL Fixed Angle Highconic™ Rotor...
Price: 1455.00 € Brand: Thermo Scientific™
Process samples up to 100mL with the six-place capacity Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ F15-6 x 100y Fixed-Angle Rotor. ..
Price: 1471.80 € Brand: Eppendorf™
High capacity swing-bucket rotor. Designed for use with Eppendorf 5920 R..
Price: 1473.00 € Brand: Thermo Scientific™
Pellet fractional samples with high RCF using the Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ F15-8 x 50cy Fixed Angle Rotor...
Price: 1557.00 € Brand: Thermo Scientific™
Support micro-volume protocols using the Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ F21-48 x 2 Fixed-Angle Rotor.  ..
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