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Blood Pressure Monitors

Price: 24.92 € Brand: ADC
ADC's most feature rich wrist digital home blood pressure monitor...
Price: 31.15 € Brand: ADC
With a host of state of the art features and a (BHS) AA rating, the Advantage™ Ultra is ADC's top of the line upper arm digital home BP monitor for those who insist on the very best.  ..
Price: 52.11 € Brand: Riester
The Precisa N Sphygmomanometer is designed with durability and accuracy in mind, constructed to be shock-proof so that the measurement mechanism remains accurate and reliable even through impacts and falls which may occur through the life of the product. This pressure monitor is designed with a ..
Price: 54.14 € Brand: ADC
The newest addition to ADC's clock series aneroids, the desk model provides low cost portability...
Price: 58.05 € Brand: HealthSmart
HealthSmart Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitors are the most feature-rich units in HealthSmart's line. Choose from either the wrist or upper arm cuff. These units include a lifetime warranty, and have a high contrast backlit LCD screen. ..
Price: 62.17 € Brand: LSS
The Talking Blood Pressure Monitor uses TriCheck technology to average three consecutive readings for more accurate results. The cuff is designed to fit as smoothly as possible, and advanced pressurization and deflation technology ensure that readings are not only accurate, but fast. The Talking..
Price: 85.23 € Brand: ADC
A large clock face aneroid with mobile platform that provides superb precision and unmatched dependability synonomous with the ADC brand...
Price: 260.88 € Brand: American Diagnostic
Designed for busy professionals valuing accuracy and affordability, American Diagnostics e-sphyg 3 is a feature-packed blood pressure monitor with a high-capacity rechargeable battery. With three different reading modes, the e-sphyg 3 is sure to be useful in any situation...
Price: 266.47 € Brand: Riester
The Ri-Medic Blood Pressure Monitor is designed with ultimate convenience and accuracy in mind. The one-touch operation enables fully automated or manual blood pressure readings that are delivered quickly and reliably in 30 to 40 seconds. This mobile floor model is durable and easy to maneuver w..
Price: 306.14 €
The Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device is small enough to fit in your hand, with the same accuracy as Welch Allyn industry-leading vital signs devices, the ProBP 3400 digital blood pressure device is a smart choice for clinicians in just about every medical setting...
Price: 807.07 € Brand: Riester
The Ri-Cardio combines a light, compact design with clinically-validated technology to provide a convenient and accurate tool to monitor a patients blood pressure for a full 24 hour period. It incorporates motion-tolerant technology to reduce re-inflates and failed readings for improved accuracy..
Price: 858.75 € Brand: Schiller
SCHILLER's ABPM system provides doctors with quick and reliable results, optimizing patient therapy and treating cardiovascular diseases more efficiently. The latest software facilitates compliance with legal obligations with regard to integrity, availability, safety and data protection...
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