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Price: 7063.16 € Brand: Phillips
PHILIPS PAGEWRITER TC50 ECG MACHINE (860310/A02) - The Philips PageWriter TC50 cardiograph is an advanced, reliable, and compact ECG solution, that is easy to use to help you meet the demands you face every day and keep the focus on your patients...
Price: 5466.50 € Brand: Phillips
Philips PageWriter TC70 cardiograph is designed to simplify diagnostic ECG testing and streamline workflow – where an automated workflow and outstanding clinical support is critical...
Price: 1397.82 € Brand: Schiller
The Cardiovit FT-1 ECG Machine is extremely portable with an intuitive 8-inch high resolution multi-touchscreen and built-in thermal printer...
Price: 1537.20 € Brand: Schiller
The efficient ECG system that meets highest demands. Since the requirements for your diagnostic system have changed rapidly, Schiller has developed the new CARDIOVIT AT-102 Plus ECG system. The CARDIOVIT AT-102 Plus allows you to effortlessly master new challenges, now and in the future...
Price: 1901.02 € Brand: GE Healthcare
GE MAC 2000 Features The GE MAC 2000 EKG machine helps clinicians make a fast and accurate diagnosis with the power of the Marquette 12SL analysis program. The MAC 2000 helps increase productivity in the hospital, your practice, or in pharma clinical trials. It features eas..
Price: 1930.98 € Brand: Nasiff
CardioStress™ turns any PC into an all-in-one cardiology system. Our Stress ECG has more protocols built in and available than any other system. All systems come with a fully interpretive 12 lead diagnostic Stress ECG, measurements matrix, serial historical comparisons, comprehensive patient cha..
Price: 2133.75 € Brand: Welch Allyn
The Welch Allyn CP 150 Resting Electrocardiograph (ECG) with optional spirometry combines the best traditional box ECG features like full-size printouts and clinical decision with a simple touchscreen interface, fast one-button operation, and flexible connectivity options to help you keep your s..
Price: 2366.91 € Brand: Phillips
Your clinic demands top-of-the-line performance and the PageWriter Trim II cardiograph delivers. It offers the industry leading Philips 12-Lead Algorithm and produces high quality printed output for consistency of data acquisition and interpretation...
Price: 2695.64 € Brand: Schiller
The Schiller CARDIOVIT AT-l0 Plus provides all the functions of a high-quality 12-channel electrocardiograph and it meets the requirements of an integrated diagnostic workstation. The CARDIOVIT AT-l0 Plus combines resting ECG, exercise ECG, pacemaker measurement, HRV analysis, signal averaged EC..
Price: 4337.12 € Brand: Phillips
The easy to use Philips PageWriter TC30 is among the most advanced electrocardiographs on the market today. In addition to its technological sophistication and sleek design, the Philips PageWriter TC30 offers unparalleled operating speed at an affordable price and by a brand users know and trust..
Price: 5130.45 € Brand: GE Healthcare
The GE Cardiac Assessment for Exercise Testing (CASE) stress test monitor offers users a number of options which allow the monitor to adapt to your unique needs. The GE CASE offers users greater diagnostic confidence by easily and accurately view cardiac function during intensive exercise...
Price: 7953.23 € Brand: Schiller
From high-throughput stress labs to small practices, the CS-200 is a multitasking system delivering highly scaleable solutions to meet your unique performance and productivity requirements. Advanced features such as powerful analysis and diagnostic tools and sophisticated networking help enhanci..
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