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Patient monitoring

Price: 1332.66 € Brand: Phillips
The Philips IntelliVue MX40 is a wearable patient monitor. It’s designed to support ambulatory patients for continuous ECG and optionally, SpO2, and impedance respiration. The short-range radio options allow connection to the IntelliVue Cableless Measurements or an IntelliVue patient m..
Price: 2139.00 € Brand: Schiller
The Schiller Tranquility II touchscreen patient monitor is a multi-parameter, upgradable patient monitor available in a variety of configurations and with an optional printer...
Price: 2320.97 € Brand: Phillips
The IntelliVue MX400 provides powerful monitoring in a highly compact, highly transportable unit. Supplying comprehensive patient information at a glance, it can make a real difference when multiple patients and priorities need attention...
Price: 2483.53 € Brand: Welch Allyn
The Welch Allyn Connex® Spot Monitor features an easy-to-use, vivid touchscreen display and provides accurate vital signs measurement including blood pressure averaging, spot checking, interval monitoring and custom scoring across patient populations. The device connects wirelessly to your EMR a..
Price: 2947.63 € Brand: GE Healthcare
The GE B40 Patient Monitor is available in both Factory New and Certified Refurbished models. The Certified Refurbished model includes ECG cable and leads, adult reusable SpO2 Sensor, SpO2 extension, one NIBP cuff and hose, two new batteries, and power cord. It is in exc..
Price: 3449.81 € Brand: Avante Health Solutions
User-friendly touch-screen patient monitor — Now available with Masimo SET® Pulse Oximetry! ST segment monitoring and 72 hours trend data analysis Built-in battery New for 2015! Masimo SET® Pulse Oximetry — ask your DRE representative for details NIBP list and OxyCRG dynamic view display..
Price: 3629.50 € Brand: Medtronic Physio Control
From procedural sedation to general care floor, reliable access to respiratory status is vital to providing comprehensive care. The Capnostream™ 35 portable respiratory monitor delivers real-time, continuous monitoring of your patient’s respiratory status by measuring etCO2, SpO2, respiration ra..
Price: 3744.78 € Brand: Mindray
The Passport 8 Patient Monitor by Mindray features an 8″ touchscreen display standard, easy touch function keys, and parameters that meet your clinical needs: 3 or 5-lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, respiration, and temperature. Accessories include one adult cuff, 3.5 m NIBP hose, one line cord, one roll o..
Price: 3867.50 € Brand: Microcap
The Nellcor™ N-85 hand-held capnograph/pulse oximeter with OxiMax technology combines two highly advanced technologies in a convenient, portable device. Microstream® capnography helps ensure accurate end-tidal etCO2 measurements and crisp waveforms, giving you a clear picture of your patient’s r..
Price: 3914.47 € Brand: Phillips
Philips IntelliVue MX700 bedside patient monitor offers an expanded, real-time view of your patients’ vital signs. The integrated PC (iPC) option brings a host of clinically relevant information from your hospital’s intranet & applications...
Price: 4165.00 € Brand: Mortara
The Mortara Surveyor S19, with a high-resolution 18.5" touchscreen display, provides for easy management of up to 8 waveforms and associated numeric data. Standard features include 3 and 5-Lead ECG with interpretation and ST segment analysis, SpO2, NIBP, Dual temps, hemodynamic calculations, Res..
Price: 4832.88 € Brand: Mindray
The Mindray Passport 12 is a flexible multi-parameter patient monitor. Accessories include one adult cuff, 3.5 m NIBP hose, one line cord, one roll of paper, ECG mobility cable, 5-lead adult/pediatric snap lead wire set, Masimo or Nellcor SpO2 cable and sensor, IBP adapter cable, reusable tempera..
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