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Price: 7063.16 € Brand: Phillips
PHILIPS PAGEWRITER TC50 ECG MACHINE (860310/A02) - The Philips PageWriter TC50 cardiograph is an advanced, reliable, and compact ECG solution, that is easy to use to help you meet the demands you face every day and keep the focus on your patients...
Price: 5466.50 € Brand: Phillips
Philips PageWriter TC70 cardiograph is designed to simplify diagnostic ECG testing and streamline workflow – where an automated workflow and outstanding clinical support is critical...
Price: 34.38 € Brand: Rycom
The Rycom Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer helps prevent the spread of infectious disease...
Price: 14.67 € Brand: J.Rosée
Best Preventive Tool - quickly find those people with abnormal temperature.Suitable for families, hotel, library, enterprises and institutions, school, customs, railway station and airport, etc, and also can use in hospital for screen function...
Price: 19.56 € Brand: ThermoBio
Our non-contact IR laser thermometer has been cleared by the FDA, ensuring that our product meets the highest quality and performance standards. This digital IR temperature gun provides highly accurate readouts, having passed multiple performances standards and tests. We have a test–retest relia..
Price: 21.83 € Brand: Rycom
Safe, hygienic and non-abrasive. Non-contact infrared technology reads from forehead with no physical contact, prevents cross-infection between multiple peoples...
Price: 23.87 € Brand: Medsource Labs
The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer uses the latest infrared technology to measure temperature without touching the patient. ..
Price: 24.92 € Brand: ADC
ADC's most feature rich wrist digital home blood pressure monitor...
Price: 31.15 € Brand: ADC
With a host of state of the art features and a (BHS) AA rating, the Advantage™ Ultra is ADC's top of the line upper arm digital home BP monitor for those who insist on the very best.  ..
Price: 52.11 € Brand: Riester
The Precisa N Sphygmomanometer is designed with durability and accuracy in mind, constructed to be shock-proof so that the measurement mechanism remains accurate and reliable even through impacts and falls which may occur through the life of the product. This pressure monitor is designed with a ..
Price: 52.78 € Brand: Briutcare LLC
This Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is noninvasive, lessening the risk for disease transmission. Bulk quantities of this thermometer are ideal for hospitals, clinics, airports, and ..
Price: 54.14 € Brand: ADC
The newest addition to ADC's clock series aneroids, the desk model provides low cost portability...
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