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Human anesthesia workstations

Price: 10638.152 € Brand: Avante Health Solutions
The Avante Integra SL3 is the ideal anesthesia machine for today's high-traffic operating room. Expertly designed, clinician-focused features include customizable flowmeter display options, a standard mounting system and a fully integrated ventilator and absorber. The Selectatec-compatible ..
Price: 3914.47 € Brand: Avante Health Solutions
The Avante Integra SP VSO2 is a fully-functional, compact and portable anesthesia system in a lightweight package. The Integra SP VSO2 anesthesia system is compact enough for the smallest surgery or imaging suite, and is fully portable...
Price: 3745.52 € Brand: GE Healthcare
The Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva/5 Anesthesia Machine is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications. It includes:·         Aestiva 7900 SmartVent.·         PSV Pro Version 4.8 with SIMV software...
Price: 8922.02 € Brand: GE Healthcare
The GE Aisys Carestation Anesthesia Machine includes:·         New O2 Sensor.·         Two Flow Sensors.·         Two Container Absorbents.·     &..
Price: 10707.02 € Brand: GE Healthcare
The GE Avance S5 Carestation Anesthesia Machine Includes:·         6.2 Software, Volume Control, Pressure Control, PSV PRO (pressure support) and SIMV.·         New O2 Sensor.·      ..
Price: 13355.258 € Brand: GE Healthcare
See for yourself how it can help take the work out of your workflow. With everything flowing together, the Avance CS² isn’t just another anesthesia delivery system. It’s a Carestation.  Although redesigned from the ground up, we built the Avance CS² using familiar platform components fr..
Price: 16242.31 € Brand: Avante Health Solutions
The Integra SL Anesthesia System is a compact system for induction in operating rooms where space is at a premium. Clinician-focused choices and benefits, including electronic flow display options, and a functional top shelf module with power outlets and GCX compatible monitor mount.  ..
Price: 17252.207 € Brand: Mindray
Anesthesia Systemthe enhanced anesthesia workstation Maximum technical performance,contemporary and ergonomic design, incorporating the maximum patient safety in daily anesthesia practice, with small footprint and compact size is appropriate for any environment where space is limited...
Price: 17652.41 € Brand: Mindray
The A5’s user interface and ergonomic design simplify workflow. The 15” touch screen enables clinicians to easily select ventilation settings, so less time is spent maneuvering and more time is devoted to patient care. The A5 provides a range of advanced ventilation modes enabling effective care..
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